The Last Moments of HMS Hood - Robert Taylor REMARQUE SOLD



Robert Taylor's Marine subjects have always been of the very highest quality and none have been as poignant as his classic 1979 release 'The Last Moments of HMS Hood'.

Launched in 1918 the ship was the pride of the Royal Navy and was considered still an effective warship at the outbreak of the Second World War. Indeed, she was fast and crewed by some of the most experienced Naval personnel of the time.

On 21st May 1941, HMS Hood, in company of the Battleship Prince of Wales, left Scapa Flow in the Orkneys to intercept a German force attempting to break through to the Atlantic via the Denmark strait. The German force consisted of the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen and the mighty Battleship Bismarck and this would prove the ultimate test for the brave crew of HMS Hood.

Three days later the Royal Navy ships sighted the enemy and Hood steamed straight for the enemy. She was hit first by shells from Prinz Eugen but a second salvo from Bismarck proved deadly - HMS Hood disappeared in a huge explosion. Only three men survived this catastrophe.

Robert Taylor depicts the final moments before Hood is struck by Bismarck's deadly fire.

The Print is Signed by Robert Taylor and the last living survivor of HMS Hood:-

Lieutenant TED BRIGGS RN

This example is an extremely rare REMARQUE, the only one I have ever seen!

It is Framed and matted to conservation standards by 'Aces High Gallery' and includes of Photo of survivor Ted Briggs in the mount.

The entire Framed piece measures 29.5 x 25.5 Inches.

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