The Maritime Paintings of Robert Taylor - Limited Collectors Edition with 'Launch Against The Bismarck' - SOLD

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LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION - with Companion print 'Launch Against the Bismarck'.

After three hugely successful Volumes of his 'Air Combat Paintings', Robert Taylor released a Volume dedicated to his Maritime scenes - an area that he excels in. This Volume is packed with 66 full colour marine paintings ranging from WW2 to the age of sail. It also includes over 40 superb pencil drawings.

At the time of publication the Military Gallery released just 500 copies of a Limited Edition Book and Print Set - this is one of those sets.

It comprises a First Edition Hardback copy signed and numbered by Artist Robert Taylor. It comes with it's own Blue-cloth embossed slip-case. The Set also comes with a matching numbered companion Print - 'Launch Against The Bismarck' - see below.


Late in the day on May 26th 1941, in deteriorating weather, 15 Fairey Swordfish biplanes launched from the heaving deck of HMS Ark Royal. Each was armed with a single torpedo and tasked to halt the escape of the Battleship Bismarck, which has slipped away from the Royal Navy and was heading at full steam for the protection of French bases. On finding their quarry, the Swordfish braved a hail of Anti-aircraft fire to launch their torpedos. Bismarck had executed a high-speed turn to avoid the 'fish' but a single torpedo struck the mighty warship in her steering gear. This jammed her rudder so that all she could do was sail in circles - sealing her fate.

Robert's scene shows one of the Swordfish having just left the heaving deck of Ark Royal and heading into the gloom for her fateful appointment with the Bismarck.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and FOUR veterans of the Fleet Air Arm that flew against Bismarck in May 1941:-

Lieutenant (A) Leslie 'Bill' BAILEY - RN - 825 Squadron FAA

Lieutenant Commander John William 'Jock' MOFFAT - RN - 815 Squadron FAA

Rear Admiral Philip David 'Percy' GLICK - 825 Squadron FAA

Commander Patrick Bernard 'Pat' JACKSON - RN - 825 Squadron FAA

The Print measures 33.5 x 25.5 Inches.

Both the Book and Print are in EXCELLENT MINT CONDITION and come with the Certificate of Authenticity

A rare opportunity to acquire this long SOLD OUT Edition!