The Me163 of Franz Woidich - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian SOLD

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'The Me163 of Franz Woidich'

Original Pencil Drawing

One of only a handful of pilots that flew operational sorties with JG400, Franz Woidich served with JG52 in Russia before joining JG400 to fly the only rocket powered fighter ever to see service. The Me163 Komet was highly lethal to its own pilots thanks to its volatile fuel but the performance of this tiny plane was nothing but astounding - a climb-rate of over 14,000 feet a minute ensured that the aircraft could reach US bomber heights in 2 minutes from a standing start on the ground.

Nick's drawing depicts a Me163 on full power climbing up to a US Bomber stream. 

The Drawing paper measures 11.5 x 8 Inches and is Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and:-

Oberleutnant Franz WOIDICH - Knights Cross


A very rare piece.