THOSE VALIANT FEW by Robert Taylor

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THOSE VALIANT FEW - Battle of Britain Tribute Edition

One of the most significant pencil print releases published by Robert Taylor, this tribute to the pilots of the Battle of Britain has become one of the most sought-after editions of Robert's work. Published back in 2008 it was an immediate winner with collectors.

The drawing depicts Spitfires of 610 squadron on patrol during the height of the battle. The Print is signed by no less than 50 Battle of Britain veterans - making it the most signatures ever on a Military Gallery edition.

In addition, this Copy also has one EXTRA Signature for a total of 51!

The 'Battle of Britain Tribute Edition is signed by the following veterans:-

First Lt Alexander APPLEFORD - 66 squadron (Spitfire)

Squadron Leader Percival BEAKE - 64 SQUADRON (Spitfire)

Flight Lt. Benjamin BENT - 25 Squadron (Blenheim)

Air Commodore Peter BROTHERS - 32 squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt. Bernard BROWN - 610 squadron (Spitfire)

Squadron Leader Maurice BROWN - 611 Squadron (Spitfire)

Flight Lt. Owen BURNS - 235 squadron (Blenheim)

Flight Lt. Joseph CHAMBERLIN - 235 squadron (Blenheim)

Flight Lt William J. CORBIN - 610 squadron (Spitfire)

Flight Lt.Mike CROSKELL - 213 Squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander Bob DOE - 234 squadron (Spitfire)

Group Captain Billy DRAKE - 213 squadron (Hurricane)

Group Captain Byron DUCKENFIELD - 501 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Stanley DUFF - 23 squadron (Blenheim)

Wing Commander Peter DUNNING-WHITE - 145 squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt. Eric EDMUNDS - 245 squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander John ELKINGTON - 1 squadron (Hurricane)

Air Commodore John ELLACOMBE -151 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Robert FOSTER -605 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Charles FRIZELL - 257 squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt. Trevor GRAY - 64 squadron (Spitfire)

Flight Lt. william GREEN - 501 squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt. Albert GREGORY - 219 squadron (Blenheim)

Group Captain Richard C. HAINE - 600 squadron (Blenheim)

Flight Lt. Peter HAIRS - 501 squdron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Norman HANCOCK - 152 Squadron (Spitfire)

Sergeant Leopold HEIMES - 235 Squadron (Blenheim)

Squadron Leader Tony IVESON - 616 squadron (Spitfire)

Flight Lt Richard JONES - 64 squadron (Spitfire)

Wing Commander Thomas KANE - 234 squadron (Spitfire)

Flight Sergeant John KEATINGS - 219 squadron (Blenheim)

Squadron Leader Raymond KELLOW - 213 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Robert KINGS - 238 squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt. Keith LAWRENCE - 234 squadron (spitfire)

Flight Lt Robin LUCAS - 141 squadron (Defiant)

Squadron Leader Kenneth LUSTY - 25 squadron (Blenheim)

Wing Commander Ken McKENZIE - 501 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Jocelyn MILLARD - 1 squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander Tom NEIL - 249 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Doug NICHOLLS - 151 squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt Reginald NUTTER - 257 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Tom PICKERING - 501 squadron (Hurricane)

Group Captain herbert PINFOLD - 56 squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander Jack ROSE - 32 squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander Richard SUMMERS - 219 Squadron (Blenheim)

Wing Commander George SWANWICK - 54 squadron (Spitfire)

Wing Commander Thomas R. THOMSON - 249 squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Michael WAINWRIGHT - 64 squadron (spitfire)

Squadron Leader Geoffrey WELLUM - 92 squadron (spitfire)

Flying Officer Kenneth WILKINSON - 616 squadron (spitfire)

This Copy carries the additional Signature of:-

Sgt John DOWN - 64 & 616 Squadrons (Spitfire)

There were only 165 prints of this edition published.

This example is in Mint unframed condition and comes with the CoA.