Tiger Tiger - Panzer Aces Edition Special Remarque - Nicolas Trudgian SOLD

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In recent years Nicolas Trudgian has attracted a dedicated collector base around his depictions of Tanks and other armoured vehicles, which have featured prominently in many of his releases.

Of course, the most famous Tank of WW2 has been painted many times and Nick decided to release an image of Tigers in Normandy - the result is 'Tiger, Tiger', which shows the Tiger tanks of 2nd Kompanie, SS Panzer Battalion 101, commanded by the legendary Panzer 'Ace' Michael Wittmann. The Tigers are moving up towards the Allied beachheads just days after the D-Day landings in Normandy - it will not be easy - Allied fighter-bombers will pounce on any and all German vehicles moving in daylight.

The Tiger was a heavy tank designed to a philosophy of being able to take on as many enemy vehciles as possible - German had long fallen behind it's enemies in the production of Tanks - the USA and USSR outproducing the Germans by thousands. The Tiger, with it's heavy armour - and devastating 88mm high-velocity gun - could take on enemy tanks and survive. The Tiger crews were frequently ordered to stop massive enemy attacks with only a few vehicles. The fact that on many occasions they actually SUCCEEDED in stopping overwhelming attacks speaks volumes of the machine - and it's crew.

A number of Tiger Commanders became Aces on both Eastern and Western fronts - but they were not invincible - even the great Michael Wittmann fell during the fighting in Normandy.

This fantastic Copy of Nicolas Trudgian's 'Tiger, Tiger, has been Signed by FOUR Top Panzer Aces of WW2, all of which were awarded the Knights Cross:-

OBERLEUTNANT OTTO CARIUS - Knights Cross with Oakleaves - Heavy Tank Battalion 502 (Tiger 1) and 512th PJ Battalion (Jagdtiger) - 150+ KILLS

OBERFELDWEBEL ALBERT KERSCHER - Knights Cross - Heavy Tank Battalion 502 (Tiger 1) - 107 Kills

MAJOR GERHARD FISCHER - Knights Cross - 23rd Panzer Division (Panther) 102 Kills

SS STURBANNFUHRER RUDOLPH VON RIBBENTROP - Knights Cross - !st SS Panzer Division LSSAH (Panzer IV) - 14 Kills including Kursk

These four Panzer Aces have signed very little in terms of Prints.

This Copy has, in addition, been Remarqued by Artist Nicolas Trudgian - and WHAT a Remarque it is!

Stretching across the entire length of the white border at the bottom of the print, Nick Trudgian has produced one of his most fantastic Remarques!

It depicts Tigers in action in Normandy against advance units of the US Army, complete with background. This Remarque is so detailed and almost looks 3D!

An absolutely astounding one-off Collectors piece for serious Trudgian Panzer fans!

The Print measures 27 x 19 Inches and is in MINT Unframed condition.