Tigers In Winter - Wittmann Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian

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TIGERS IN WINTER - Original Pencil Drawing

The Tiger was, without doubt, the tank most feared by Germany's opponents in WW2. Thick armour and a devastating 88mm gun were a lethal combination against Allied tanks - providing that the Tiger commander knew how to get the best from his machine. Michael Wittmann is one of the most famous Tiger tank commanders, who began his armoured career in a Stug III but became a Tiger Commander that cemented his reputation at the Battle of Kursk in July of 1943.

Later, with the Germans slowly being rolled back by the Soviets, Wittmann's unit fought in the icy wastes between the Carpathian mountains and the Dneiper river, engaging Soviet armour during a constant period of offensives.

Nicolas Trudgian has depicted Wittmann's Tiger "SO4" in just such an engagement, where he will continue to resist the Soviet advance. He will be awarded the Knights Cross and Oak Leaves for his efforts. Above, his Tigers are supported by a Ju87G. A fantastic scene of winter combat.

This drawing, meticulously drawn by Nicolas Trudgian is on A3 paper.

The paper carries the pencil Signatures of no less than 28 Panzer Knights Cross holders!!!

The Signatures.

Erwin KRESSMANN - KC - PzAbt519 (Hornisse/Jagdpanther)

Paul EGGER - KC - SS.PzAbt 502 (Tiger)

Gerhard FISCHER - KC - 5th SS PD 'Wiking' - (Panther)

Wilhelm WEIDENBRUCK - KC OL - Pz abt 104 - (Panther)

Heinz GUDERIAN - KC - 116th Panzer Division

Graf Von KAGENECK - KC OL - SchwPz abt 503 - (Tigers)

Fritz BIRNBAUM - KC - Panzer Reg. 'Hermann Goring'

Oscar SCHAFER - KC - SS Pzabt 503 - (KIng Tigers)

Karl BROMMEN - KC - SS Pzabt 503 - (King Tigers)

Alfred WOLF - KC - 23rd Panzer Division (Panther)

Ludwig BAUER - KC - 9th Panzer Division

Gerhard FISCHER - KC - Pz.Reg 23 - (Panther)

Werner Freiherr Von BESCHWITZ -KC -SchPzabt 505 (Tigers)

Otto CARIUS - KC OL - SchPzabt 502/512 (Tiger 1/Jagdtiger)

Norbert KUJACINSKI - KC - 23rd Panzer Division

Fritz DARJES - KC - 5th SS PD 'Wiking' - (Panther)

Paul Albert KAUSCH - KC OL - SS Pz Reg 11

Hans SIEGEL - KC - 12 SS PD 'HJ' - (Panzer IV)

Erich WEISE - KC - 5th SS PD 'Wiking'

Otto KUMM - KC OL & Swords - !st SS Panzer Division

Walter GIRG - KC OL - 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich'

Albert KERSCHER - KC - Schw/Pz abt 502 (Tigers)

Richard RUDOLF - KC - 12 SS PD 'HJ' (Panzer IV)

Fritz-Rudolf SCHULTZ - KC - 4th Panzer Division

Kuno Von MEYER - KC - 24th Panzer Division (Panzer IV)

Karl-Heinz LICHTE - KC - 5th SS PD 'Wiking' (Panther)

Willy HEIN - KC - 5th SS PD 'Wiking' (Panzer IV)

Willy BACHOR - KC - 24th Panzer Division (Panzer IV)