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TOKYO BOUND by Nicolas Trudgian - Multi-signed by 9 Tokyo Raiders **SOLD **

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TOKYO BOUND - by Nicolas Trudgian

Special NINE Signature Multi-signed Print.

This superb release - originally published back in 1997 - is Nick's only depiction of the famous 'Doolittle Raid' of 1942. Many Artists have chosen to show Doolittle's B-25 leaving the USS Hornet but Nick has spared no effort in ensuring that the B-25 is accurate and has painted a stunning scene with the Hornet in the background and the remaining aircraft waiting to 'go'.

The Print was Signed by FOUR famous 'Doolittle Raiders' - and this example has been additionally Signed by FIVE more - giving a total of NINE 'Doolittle Raiders'!

Richard Cole - Doolittle's Co-Pilot in aircraft #1

Everett Holstrom - Pilot of aircraft #4

David Jones - Pilot of aircraft #5

David Thatcher - Flight Engineer on aircraft #7

Thomas Griffin - Navigator on aircraft #9

Boyden Stork - Co-pilot of aircraft #10

Edwin Horton - Flight Engineer on aircraft #10

Griffith P. Williams - Co-pilot of aircraft #15

Howard Sessler - Navigator on aircraft #15

I have one copy only, so this is a unique opportunity to obtain a Multi-signed version of Nick's classic release!

*** SOLD ***