TOP SECRET BIRD by Wolfgang Spate - Me163


TOP SECRET BIRD By Wolfgang Spate The Luftwaffe's Me163 'Komet'

Signed by Major Wolfgang Spate

The Author was one of the leading personalities in bringing the Luftwaffe's extraordinary rocket fighter into operational service. The Me163 'Komet' was an extremely ambitious project that had a prolonged development which was beset by problems. The 'Flying Wing' design incorporated a rocket motor that relied on a mixing of highly volatile fuels that were prone to explode or could dissolve the pilot!

Nevertheless, the 'Komet' possessed a performance that was startling - from a standing start on the ground it could climb at 14,000 (!) feet a minute and be up among US bombers in two minutes!

Spate tells the entire story of this unique fighter's development and also his own involvement. His first combat flight being somewhat a surprise - his misguided groundcrew painting his Me163 a bright RED (in a nod to Von Richthofen!) Spate actually flew this 'Komet' and got into firing position behind a P-47 Thunderbolt - only for his cannons to jam!

The Book contains 270 Pages and is packed with Photos.

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A very Nice one-off piece!