Typhoon Scramble

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Richard Taylor's first major release - Typhoon Scramble - pays tribute to the successor to the Hurricane. Initially a disappointment, it arrived at the front with teething problems and defects and many pilots were lost. If it had not been for his belief in the aircraft and the sheer tenacity of 609 Squadron's CO, Roland Beamont, the entire Typhoon programme might have been cancelled.

Once the problems had been rectified the Typhoon was a perfect aircraft for the ground attack role - heavily armed with 4 cannon and capable of carrying bombs and rockets at high speed, the 'Tiffy' as she became known, earned her place in history.

The Typhoons most famous campaign was Normandy, where Typhoon Squadrons attacked enemy road transport, communications and armour.

Richard Taylor's release shows Typhoons of 609 Squadron led by squadron commander Roland 'Bee' Beamont scrambled from their base at manston in 1943.

The Edition is Signed by THREE Typhoon pilots who flew with 609 Squadron:-

Flight Lt. Sir Alec ATKINSON

Flight Lt. Geoffrey STEVENS

Flying Officer Allen BILLAM

The Print measures 24.5x20.4 Inches and comes with the CoA and Sales Brochure