Voyage Into Destiny by Robert Taylor (Commemorative Proof)

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VOYAGE INTO DESTINY - Commemorative Proof

The third Edition in Robert's 'Wings of the Luftwaffe' series features the mighty Battleship Bismarck in one of Robert's most sought-after releases. 

Robert depicts the Bismarck off the coast of Norway at the start of 'Operation Rheinubung' being escorted by the Me109E fighters of JG77. Bismarck is in the company of the battlecruiser Prinz Eugen and the destroyers Hans Lody and Z23 as she is manoeuvring near Korsfjord Bergen on May 21st 1941. That evening she will depart with the Prinz Eugen on her last, fateful, voyage and her encounter with HMS Hood. After sinking Hood Bismarck was hunted by the Royal Navy. She may well have escaped but a hit on her rudder by Fairey Swordfish torpedo planes from Ark Royal jammed the rudder so that she could only steam in circles. Her situation was impossible and, although fighting bravely, she was sunk taking 2000 of her crew with her. Only 115 survivors were picked up.

This is the VERY RARE 'Commemorative Edition' for 'Voyage Into Destiny that comprises TWO Prints. Only 50 of these sets were issued back in 2002.

The Main Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and THREE veterans:-

Hauptmann Hugo DAHMER - Knights Cross - JG77

Oberleutnant Ernst SCHEUFELE - JG5

Stoker 1st Class Otto PETERS - Crew of Bismarck - Rescued by HMS Dorsetshire

The Companion Print is 'THE FATAL BLOW' - a superb Pencil Print featuring a Swordfish from Ark Royal flying through a wall of Flak thrown up by Bismarck to launch her torpedo through a huge Atlantic swell towards the great Battleship. One of these torpedoes will damage Bismarck's rudder - dooming her.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and THREE Swordfish Pilots who took part on the decisive attacks on Bismarck:-

Lt. Commander John 'Ben' BREESE DFC RN 

Lt. Commander Peter MEADWAY RN

Commander Patrick 'Pat' JACKSON RN

The Main Print measures 34.5 x 24 Inches

The Companion print measures 20 x 16 Inches

Both prints are in Mint Condition and come with the Certificate of Authenticity.

This is an opportunity acquire a VERY rare Edition!