William BEYER US Ace 361st FG Signed Card



Beyer flew the P-51 Mustang over Europe with the 361st FG joining them in 1944. He scored his first victory on 17 September 1944 in a swirling dogfight with III/JG26's Me109G's. Beyer's opponent was obviously an 'old hand' and after a prolonged affair, with both pilots dropping flaps, chopping throttles and making the tightest turns, Beyer managed to get a shot at the Messerschmitt, which continued turning until it hit the ground. Beyer had shot down 75 victory Ace Major Klaus Mietusch.

Beyer followed this with the Mission of the 27th September 1944 when the 361st FG made claims for 18 enemy fighters destroyed - Beyer claimed 5 Fw190's to make 'Ace in a Day'. They were engaged against several dedicated anti-bomber 'Sturmbock' Units including IV/JG3, who probably accounted for most of the 30+ B-24 Liberators shot down during the battle.

Beyer scored a total of 9 Victories.

This is a very nice Signed Card in Black pen