Wolf Udo Ettel Wartime Signed Envelope - SOLD

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OBERLEUTNANT WOLF-UDO ETTEL - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

Ettel began his flying career with JG3 on the Russian front in 1942, where he scored his first victories. He was forced to bail out of his Me109F after scoring a victory over a Douglas Boston and had to swin the Don river to reach German lines. By October he had reached 20 victories before his Unit relocated to the Kuban bridgehead, where Ettel scored heavily.

In April 1943 Ettel acheived his 'century' and the Knights Cross followed on 1st June. He was then appointed to be Staffelkapitan of 8./JG27 in Greece. In July he downed a Spitfire over Sicily followed by two B-24 Liberators.

On 17th July 1943 Ettel flew a ground-attack mission against British positions south-east of Lentini. His Me109G was hit by anti-aircraft fire and crashed, killing Ettel. The Oak Leaves were awarded posthumously. Ettel scored 124 Victories in total.

This is a very unusual and rare item - a signed envelope by Ettel (on the rear) dated "7/5/43 Breslau". The Envelope was addressed to his girlfriend and Posted via the 'Feldpost' and has the official stamp on the front.

A RARE signature.

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